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Tailored tools and techniques that generate
genuine dialogue,
decision-making, and
support for implementation.

CAS Group has proven tools and techniques that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each project. We work collaboratively and creatively with our clients, stakeholders, and the community to ensure our services help to build consensus, produce sound plans and policies, and generate support for implementation.  

One of CAS Group's unique strengths is its ability to integrate and balance public and stakeholder input with complex project considerations (technical, financial, and regulatory). CAS Group has the experience and expertise to develop the appropriate public engagement tools for different audiences. We also have proven outreach and publicity techniques to generate awareness, interest, and participation.

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Planning and Public Engagement Services

Client Testimonials

"Jennifer Lindbom is a highly unconventional strategist with an exceptional capacity to listen and to guide community groups of all sizes to develop bold and implementable visions for their future."

"Her facilitation skills and the ability to organize and conduct complex meetings are unsurpassed. She can coach, train, and inspire citizens in becoming proactive participants in urban problem solving.”